Project Commissioning!

The Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station is now commissioned. This means that all of the major components of the project are operating as planned and the project is ready to generate renewable zero emission electricity, and revenue for the project owners. This is a major accomplishment, and was completed ahead of schedule and below budget.
The last few months have seen substantial work to achieve this advanced schedule, and overall each step of the process has gone smoothly.

Wayne Ross, CRP President, and Sue Hartwig, CRP First Nations Project Manager, at the Tailrace of the newly completed Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station.
Wayne Ross, CRP President, and Sue Hartwig, CRP First Nations Project Manager, at the Tailrace of the newly completed Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station.

The head pond on New Post Creek has been filled with water, the penstock to carry water from New Post Creek to the generating station were tested and water is now flowing through the generators. Additional fish habitat was created on the Abitibi River and final permits and approvals have been received for all items. In addition, the project was completed without a single lost time incident; an impressive safety record due to the efforts of all involved in the project.
Taykwa Tagamou Nation members were workers on the project and partners on a number of major contracts worth more than $50 million, and combined with a number of training opportunities, many members have gained new skills and capacity. As important is the long term revenues that TTN will earn from its equity share in this project, a source of revenue for decades into the future, and an ownership share of a major hydroelectric generating station in TTN’s Traditional Territory.
The project team will be hosting open house at TTN and in Moosonee in May (final date to be announced later). Watch for our upcoming final project newsletter later this spring!

Fall 2016 Newsletter now available!

The newest New Post Creek Project newsletter is now available. You can view and download a copy on the Newsletter page, and printed copies will be available in the TTN community soon.

Summer 2016 Construction update

The partially completed powerhouse.

The construction of Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (PSSGS) project is currently ahead of schedule and is on track to be completed within the projected budget. As of the end of August, the project was 69% complete. This is a major accomplishment for all involved in this project.

The Design/Build contractor, Kiewit/Aecon, has managed challenging sub-surface conditions for several major parts of the project while maintaining the construction schedule and overall budget. While continued risks with sub-surface conditions are anticipated, the project team does not expect these will delay the project beyond the projected completion date or require additional budget. All major permits and approvals for both the PSSGS operations and construction have been obtained or are in progress.

Wayne Ross and Sue Hartwig standing in a piece of the penstock.
Wayne Ross and Sue Hartwig standing in a piece of the penstock.

First Nations employment and contracting has also been a success for this project. An opportunity was made available for any TTN member that wanted to work on the project and had completed the necessary training. Tens of millions of dollars in contracts have also been awarded to TTN joint ventures, partnerships, or businesses to support the project, including catering and housekeeping, aggregate supply, fuel supply, and the transmission line.

An aerial photo of the intake.
An aerial photo of the intake.

Safety on the project site has continued to improve since the first months of the project, with no lost time incidents throughout the project to date. There have been no recordable injuries in more than 475 days.

Major Project Components:

  • The powerhouse building structure is mostly completed, and the powerhouse crane has been installed and tested.
  • The Intake head gate, stop logs, and trash rack are all installed, and all concrete has been poured. The final penstock pieces are being installed.
  • The spillway is complete; additional work continues on the east and west dams.
  • The transmission line is almost complete, with the switchyard earthwork complete and installation of high and low voltage electrical components underway.
Representatives from CRP, TTN, OPG & KGS touring the project area.
Representatives from CRP, TTN, OPG & KGS touring the project area.

The site has also been host to some important groups of visitors and celebrations this summer. TTN elders toured the site on June 15th, and the project celebrated National Aboriginal Day on June 21st, with traditional food, displays of TTN culture, and drumming.  There was a project site, old Hudson’s Bay Post site, and New Post Creek River tour on August 16th – CRP, OPG, Kiewit, CRP Board & Councilor Peter Archibald attended.  The Minister of Energy toured the site in the last week in August and was pleased to see the progress on the project.


Chief and Council Site Visit TTN Chief and Council and Chief Hardisty of Moose Cree First Nation and CRP Board and Project Team at the site visit in January 2016.


Chief Dwight Sutherland and the Taykwa Tagamou Nation Council were joined by Chief Norm Hardisty of Moose Cree First Nation, the Coral Rapids Power Board of Directors, and the Project Team to see the construction progress in January.


Groundbreaking for the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station 

On August 27th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station was held. Chief Dwight Sutherland, Taykwa Tagamou Nation Councillors, community members, and the New Post Creek Project team joined with various Ontario Power Generation staff and Cochrane Mayor Peter Politis to celebrate the culmination of years of work. You can read more about the event in the Timmins Daily Press here and watch the CTV News story here. More about this story will be in our next newsletter, to be released in October 2015.  You can see some photos from the event on our Photo Gallery page.


Other Information
The Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) has now released a Consultation Protocol. The new Consultation Protocol outlines how meaningful consultation on development projects and decisions can take place between the Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN), the Crown, and proponents. To view the Protocol, please visit the TTN website.

About Us
Coral Rapids Power is a company wholly owned by the Taykwa Tagamou Nation.weblogo Coral Rapids Power has been given a mandate to explore and develop hydroelectric opportunities within the Traditional Territory of the Taykwa Tagamou Nation. At this time, Coral Rapids Power has entered into a Partnership with Ontario Power Generation Inc. for the purpose of planning, constructing and operating an approximately 28 MW run of the river hydroelectric generation facility on New Post Creek.
This project will help Ontario meet its goals of increasing its supply of electricity generated by renewable sources. According to the Ontario Power Authority, Ontario plans to increase its supply of hydroelectric power from 7,800 MW by almost 40% by 2025, which will require significant investments in many new projects.
This project also provides the Taykwa Tagamou Nation with a long term investment opportunity for a sustainable economic base for the community, and will provide spin off benefits for the entire region. Coral Rapids Power will also pursue other hydroelectric projects in the Traditional Territory of the Taykwa Tagamou Nation.