Project Operations

Once the project is completed, OPG’s Northeast Plant Group team from Timmins will remotely operate the generating station. Certain maintenance activities will require OPG staff, or contractors to be on site periodically.

The Abitibi River Water Management Plan will need to be amended to take into account the proposed operations of the New Post Creek project. The proposed operations will consider the need to maintain certain higher flows during spring spawning and egg incubation periods, and to ensure that there is a minimum flow over the New Post Creek falls for aesthetic values. During low flow periods, particularly in the winter months, the project may draw down on the forebay to allow the station to generate power for short periods of time. The station will then shut down to allow the forebay to refill. This will help to improve the productivity of the project, but also to maintain station heating and flow through the turbines. The proposed fluctuations are less than 0.5 meters, and the total daily inflows and outflows remain in balance.

Hydroelectric generating facilities generally operate for decades with minimal maintenance or major refurbishments. Some generating stations in Ontario have been in use for more than 100 years and remain important and valuable pieces of Ontario’s electricity infrastructure. The New Post Creek project, managed properly, will produce electricity for generations.

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