Our Team

The current team guiding Coral Rapids Power includes:


Wayne Ross, President
Sue Hartwig, First Nation Project Manager

Directors and Officers

Stan Sutherland, Director
Pat Chilton, Director
Arnold May, Director
Waylon Iserhoff, Director
Rod Reimer, Secretary and Financial Administrator

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Wayne Ross, President

Wayne Ross has lead Coral Rapids Power since 2011, serving as the President of the corporation (a position previously titled Chief Executive Officer). Wayne Ross has been involved in the development of the New Post Creek project for more than a decade, starting in 2005 when the Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) first formed a corporation to explore waterpower opportunities. Wayne previously served on the Board of Directors for Coral Rapids Power and was part of the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and TTN Grievance Committee in 2007 that worked to resolve the past grievance and develop the partnership that has led to the development of the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station project.wayne2

Wayne continues to develop his expertise in waterpower development, through Ontario Waterpower Association workshops on permits and approvals, the First Nations Environmental Assessment Toolkit, and methyl mercury and small hydropower best management practices. Wayne has also completed the “Negotiation Skills Training” program at the Banff Centre.

Wayne is a member of the Taykwa Tagamou Nation, and has worked in the natural resources sector for many years. Wayne was a Central Control Room Operator at the DeBeers Victor Mine project, and previously at the Barrick Gold Holt-McDermott Mine. Wayne has also been active in the community through his work conducting interviews for Traditional Ecological Knowledge with the Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Centre, and his participation on the TTN, Ministry of Natural Resources, and Tembec Advisory Committee. Wayne was also part of the Detour Lake Gold Mine and DeBeers Victor Diamond Mine Impact Benefits Agreement Negotiating Teams.

Sue Hartwig, Project Manager

Sue Hartwig currently provides ongoing Project Management for Coral Rapids Power on the New Post Creek Project. Sue Hartwig played a key role on the negotiating teams for the successful Impact Benefit Agreements between Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) and De Beers Canada, Yellow Falls Power LP, and Detour Gold Corporation. Sue helped negotiate agreements with Ontario Power Generation with respect to the historical grievances settlement and a partnership to develop New Post Creek as well as future projects. Sue Hartwig picture

Sue is an Advisor with McLeod Wood Associates Inc., a management consulting firm. Sue utilizes her strong interpersonal and managerial skills and insight into First Nation politics to facilitate negotiations and bring them to a conclusion that is agreeable for all parties.Sue also advises clients on human resource benefits and pension issues and works directly with clients regarding the development of First Nation business projects. Sue has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Criminology.


Directors and Officers

Stanley Sutherland

Since retiring from the Ontario Northland Railway in April 2013, Stanley Sutherland has more time to dedicate to the New Post Creek Project. Stan is a New Post Band member and the son of the late Peter Sutherland Sr, whom the Generating Station will be named after, and is quite pleased to join the Coral Rapids Power Board of Directors. Stan has experience sitting on committees and working groups associated with TTN including the initial OPG Past Grievance Committee in late 1990s, the negotiation team for the Long Term Forestry Agreement with Tembec, and most recently the Advisory Committee on the Working Relationship Agreement (WRA) with TTN/MNR/Tembec. Stan also brings an extensive knowledge of the history and people of the Taykwa Tagamou Nation. His late father, Peter Sutherland Sr who was born in 1915 at the Old Hudson Bay Trading Post along the Abitibi River (later known as Newpost) told him many stories about the people and events that occurred during his lifetime. Stan still practices his traditional ways in the area mainly hunting and fishing. Stan is a huge supporter of the New Post Creek Project and now that he is residing on the TTN Reserve, he is committed to explaining his support to membership as frequently as possible. Stan has said “It has always been a wish of mine and my late father to see this project be developed and to now be able to be an integral part of it brings me much gratification.”

Pat Chilton

Pat Chilton is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Weeneebayko Health Ahtuskaywin (WHA), the First Nations governed Regional Health Authority that provides primary health care to the communities along the western James Bay and Hudson Bay coast in northeastern Ontario. Pat began his career in management as the Business Administrator and Secretary-Treasurer of the then, Moose Factory Board of Education. He then went on to work in senior positions within the federal government, and at the Mushkegowuk Tribal Council. Pat Chilton has served as a Director on a number of Boards of Directors, including Five Nations Energy Inc., the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, and the Timmins Economic Development Corporation. Pat is Cree, and is a member of the Kashechewan First Nation.

Arnold May

Arnold May is Ojibway and a member of Nipissing First Nation where he served as Councillor for six years. His career was devoted to working with First Nations in the Province of Ontario in resolving grievances that they had filed with the provincial electricity generation and transmission company. Upon retiring Arnold set up a consulting business (Beedaubun Enterprise) and did consulting for various corporations by providing advice and guidance and acting as a facilitator for ongoing discussions related to various initiatives, projects and partnerships. Arnold is certified in Conflict Resolution; Training System Design, Development, and Delivery; and is a qualified Industrial Mechanic Millwright and Machinist. He has been a Director on various Provincial Boards in the past and continues to sit as a Director.

Arnold is the Chair of the Coral Rapids Power Board of Directors.

Waylon Iserhoff

Waylon Iserhoff is a member of Taykwa Tagamou Nation and since March 2015 is employed as its Business Development Officer where he provides support to Chief & Council with its various business interests. Waylon has over 20 years of experience in various finance and accounting roles with the Hudson Bay Company, Loblaw Companies Limited, Moody’s Investor Services and Deloitte. Waylon is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Toronto and a BA from the University of Western Ontario.

Rod Reimer

Rod Reimer currently is an officer in the corporation and acts as secretary. Rod Reimer provides services for First Nation businesses and organizations primarily in the areas of financial management, policy development, business development, and communication services. He has extensive experience in First Nations financial management and administration through his time spent working various First Nations owned entities.