Our Projects

Coral Rapids Power, wholly owned by the Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN), is developing a waterpower project in partnership with Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG). The partnership has been doing the detailed upfront planning and environmental studies required to develop a 28MW site on the New Post Creek in the Traditional Territory of TTN since 2007. The project has completed the Waterpower Class Environmental Assessment and construction started in late 2014.
Coral Rapids Power continues to investigate other opportunities for the development of hydroelectric power in the Traditional Territory of TTN in order to gain benefits for the people of TTN. In the past, the people of TTN were self-sufficient and drew their life resources from the land in their Territory. TTN is placing itself on a path to be self-sufficient once again based on development of resources on the lands that traditionally sustained their society.

New Post Creek Project

Project History
Project Development
Project Construction and Design
Project Operations
Benefits to the Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Other projects

Please visit the Detour Gold Mine and the Lower Mattagami pages for more information about these projects.